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University of Dundee

A world-class university embracing the digital age in a secure and safe manner

The University of Dundee is one of Scotland’s leading institutions and one of the world’s top 250 universities.

"Today, we have a generation of staff members who are technically smart, use multiple devices to access what they want, when they want. They now come to IT to push us for the latest technology. We have to embrace this and work with this new breed of user.”


To enable this initiative, the University of Dundee approached Caveo Systems. Caveo Systems identified and embedded a solution to empower end users and provide desktops with the benefits of flexible working without compromising security.


Caveo Systems embedded a solution developed by BeyondTrust (previously Avecto). The solution created a Trusted Source environment and used Privilege Guard functions that enable users to log in with standard user accounts as elevated rights are assigned directly to the applications that require them. This eliminated the need for users to have Administrator rights or privileges, and the associated extensive management of Administrator accounts. More so, valuable resources and time was freed so that staff could focus on what matters most. Additional capabilities deployed included Trusted Publishers, Trusted URLs and Trusted OS functions.

By deploying a privilege management solution, Caveo Systems was able to give users what they needed while maintaining the integrity of the environment.

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