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Let us help you effectively mitigate the cyber risks in your digital estate.

Cyber security technology can be overwhelming and increasingly crowded with a constant stream of new products and new vendors. At Caveo Systems, we make a distinction between providing you true "defence in depth", not "defence in duplication". Our security solutions are tailored to your needs and informed by your current cyber posture.

Managing your cyber risk is two-fold. We help you protect your assets and the delivery of your critical services in addition to building the capability to detect suspicious activity within your digital estate. 

ProtectDevelop and implement appropriate safeguards to ensure delivery of your critical services.

Detect: Develop and implement appropriate tools to identify the occurrence of a cybersecurity event. Maintain vigilance.

Cyber Risk Identification & Mitigation

Proactively and effectively manage your cyber risk. Our technical experts architect, implement and manage (if desired) proven solutions tailored to mitigate your organisation's cyber risks.

Network & Cloud Security

Caveo Systems recognises that an organisation's perimeter no longer exists in the way it has in the past. With the shift to cloud-based and mobile computing, organisations' network perimeters have been extended beyond the traditional network perimeter, and security measures must reflect this. 

We offer modern cloud security solutions and conventional network perimeter security such as firewalls and intrusion detection & protection for comprehensive protection.


At Caveo Systems, our solutions provide you with the ability to protect and detect any suspicious activity in your network and cloud environments.

Cloud Security Solutions

In today's digital age, a cloud environment exists within every organisation. Organisation's today have multiple cloud environments and servers in different locations. Cloud storage and services are serviced externally with a multitude of technology layers. As a result, there is less visibility of the environment leading to limited knowledge of potential cyber risks.


Caveo Systems implements effective cloud security solutions such as CASB (Cloud Access Security Broker) which sits between an organisation's on-premise infrastructure and the cloud provider's infrastructure. This improves the visibility of cyber risk in the cloud environment, secure access and DLP (data loss protection). This includes Cloud SaaS email and web protection.

Caveo Systems offers serviced CASB where we manage your cloud security solution for you. 

Perimeter and Internal Network

Network perimeter security is protection of your network through the monitoring and filtering of traffic entering and leaving your organisation. Traditional network perimeter security involves the use of firewalls, intrusion detection & prevention and packet sniffing.

Caveo Systems offers modern networks security solutions which combine traditional firewall capabilities with application firewall controls using in-line deep packet inspection (DPI), intrusion prevention system (IPS) functions, user awareness and the integration of intelligence feeds. This includes on-premise email and web protection.

Contact Caveo Systems today to understand the network protection available for your organisation.

Network & Cloud Security
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Endpoint Security

Endpoint Security

Caveo Systems offers a range of endpoint security solutions, tailored to your organisation, to prevent zero-day exploits, attacks, and inadvertent data leakage resulting from human error.

Contact us today to discuss the right endpoint security solution for your organisation.

Our current ways of working have embraced mobile and remote working. Employees increasingly use mobile devices and home laptops and computers to connect to company networks and conduct business. A single, centralised security solution is no longer adequate.

Endpoint security enhances centralised security measures by introducing additional protection at the point of entries for attacks as well as the point of departure for data. It focuses on individual devices and servers, rather than security measures that encompass a whole network. Endpoint security requires endpoint devices to meet the defined security standards prior to being granted network access. This enables organisations to maintain control over the growing number of access points.

Endpoint security solutions for organisations are two-pronged. There is central management of the endpoint security deployed and installed on the individual devices. 

Endpoint security solutions include functionality such as:

  • disk, endpoint, and email encryption;

  • application whitelisting or control;

  • network access control;

  • endpoint detection and response;

  • data loss prevention;

  • insider threat protection and,

  • data classification.

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Identity Access Management

Identity Access Management

Caveo Systems offers IAM solutions that enable your organisation to grant access to the right assets and information, to the right users, at right time. This includes establishing digital identities for all users and maintaining, updating and monitoring the identities through the users' entire access lifecycle. 


Contact us today to discuss suitable IAM tools and solutions for your organisation to manage access to your assets and detect suspicious activity.

Identity access management (IAM) is the management and control of user access to critical information and systems within an organisation. It involves defining and managing roles and access privileges for individual network users and the rules in which users are granted or denied those privileges.

IAM solutions provide organisation administrators with the tools to establish and manage digital identities for users by managing their roles, tracking their activities, creating reports and developing and enforcing policies. This enables the regulation of user access across an entire enterprise throughout a user's lifecycle (joiner, mover, leaver). IAM is also critical to maintain compliance to corporate policies and wider regulatory requirements such as GDPR.

IAM solutions have a multitude of capabilities including:

  • password management;

  • software provisioning;

  • enforcement of security policies and access privileges (including authentication methods);

  • auditing, reporting and monitoring apps;

  • identity repositories and,

  • access lifecycle management.

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Advanced Detection

Advanced Detection

Caveo Systems offers a suite of advanced detection tools and capabilities. 


Contact us today to discuss the most appropriate detection methods and tools for use within your organisation.

Detection methods and tools

The majority of technical cyber security solutions today encompass the protection of the assets and information in addition with the ability to detect suspicious or malicious activity. This can be enhanced through specific detection tools which employ advanced detection methods including:

  • User Behaviour Analytics

  • Attacker Behaviour Analytics

  • Deception Technology

  • Endpoint Detection

  • Centralised Log Management

  • Visual Investigation Timeline

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