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Let us help you make informed decisions to manage your cyber risk.

A comprehensive cyber capability requires an organisational-level understanding to manage cyber risk of its assets, data, systems and people. However, this is not without the need for technology. This includes the software, hardware and services that comprise your security infrastructure.

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Building Cyber Resilience

Assess your current cyber security posture and identify where to build digital resilience in your value chain. We provide you with visibility and control over your business to grow confidently.

Technical Maturity Assessment

Caveo System's Technical Maturity Assessment provides you with a comprehensive view of the current state of your cyber security infrastructure and capability - enabling you to make informed decisions based on the risk and cost to protect your systems and data best.

Our Technical Maturity Assessment is composed of a series of in-depth, extensive assessments conducted across a range of cyber capabilities in your organisation's digital estate. These assessments are based on industry-recognised standards and conducted by our technical subject matter experts who benefit from a breadth of experience across numerous industries.


From our Technical Maturity Assessment, we are able to determine if you have:

  • appropriate safeguards in place to ensure the delivery of your critical services,

  • the right tools and processes to enable the timely discovery of a cyber security event,

  • the ability to contain the impact of a potential cyber security incident and,

  • the appropriate plans and ability to restore and resume normal business operations that may have been impaired from an incident.

As a result, we are able to advise you on the best next steps to take to help bridge any identified gaps, and proactively implement security measures to best protect what matters to you most.

Contact us to find out how a Technical Maturity Assessment can help you. 

Technical Maturity Assessment
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Visibility & Control

Gaining Visibility & Control with Proven Solutions

Effective management of your digital estate can only be achieved if you have comprehensive and accessible visibility of it - "You can't protect what you don't know". Caveo Systems offers several security tools and technologies to gain visibility of your digital estate in a single, central location. 


Contact Caveo Systems to understand how the proven tools below can help your organisation and how we can implement, support and manage your chosen, tailored solution. Gain the capability to log, track, analyse and anticipate activity within your IT environment today.

Device Visibility and Control

Caveo Systems assist organisations to comprehensively discover every connected device on your network and report on the visibility of known and rogue devices across the extended enterprise in real-time.

Limited visibility of your devices limits the effectiveness and ability to manage your cyber risk. Gaining comprehensive visibility of connected devices across office premises, cloud, datacentre, IoT and OT environments offers your organisation the ability to prevent unauthorized access and costly breaches.

Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

Caveo Systems provides proof-of-concept services of SIEM for your organisation, including its tailored design and implementation.

SIEM technology collects and aggregates log data throughout your technology infrastructure, including from applications, databases and systems to network and security devices. The tool then identifies, categorises and analyses any potential incidents and events. 

As a result, the SIEM tool:

  • creates security incident and events reports such as any detected malware activity, successful and failed logons, and malicious activity, 

  • alerts you of any potential security issues based on the analysis of activities against predefined rules. 

Policy Management

At Caveo Systems, our industry experts have a breadth of experience to appreciate the unique requirements and threats of each sector. We perform detailed reviews of compliance and effectiveness to your technical security policies.

Security policy management involves defining, implementing and managing the rules and procedures for accessing and using your organisation's digital assets and environment. This includes the definition of roles and reporting structures to support the governance and operations of the policies, including compliance. Security policies also outline your organisation's response to security related industry regulations and legal requirements. 

Security policies and procedures will cover areas such as:

  • Asset management

  • Access control

  • Incident management

  • Business continuity plans

  • Compliance management

  • Communications management

  • Security system maintenance

Threat Intelligence

Caveo Systems helps organisations understand how Threat Intelligence works and integrates with existing security solutions so that you can choose the right cyber threat tools and solutions to best inform and protect your business. 

Threat intelligence is information or knowledge that enables your organisation to make informed decisions to prevent or mitigate the impact of a cyber threat. This knowledge is actionable. It is timely, provides context, and is understood by the individuals responsible for making decisions. 

Cyber threat intelligence solutions gather raw data on emerging or existing threat actors and threats from a number of sources. This data is analysed to produce threat intel reports and feeds that can be used by existing automated security solutions. 

Threat intelligence enables organisations to:

  • keep informed of the risks of advanced persistent threats, zero-day threats and exploits, and how to protect against them,

  • stay up to date with the large volume of threats, including methods, vulnerabilities, targets and bad actors,

  • become more proactive about future cybersecurity threats, and

  • inform leadership and management about the latest threats and impacts they could have on your business.

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